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... Without Having To Leave Your Home 
Whether You're Currently Stuck At Home Or Planning On Traveling With Kids This Letter Is Especially Important For Adventure Loving Mamas!  

You Don't Have To Be Afraid Of Trying To Occupy The Kids Anymore

You thought that occupying the kids for more than an hour would be impossible without some sort of movie, game, or device at their fingertips. 

When you drive by cars doesn’t it seem that everyone and their mama has some sort of electronic babysitter that their kids can glue their eyes to??
Oh the temptation!
Just stick it in their little hands, and instant peace!

But then comes the big problem. ..

The bad attitudes, the fits and the crying when you take Mr.Electronic Device away. Or when you try to have a decent conversation with your sweet boy it always revolves around whatever game he’s playing. Instead of actually enjoying creation all around them your kids seem oblivious to the world around them.

But you’re afraid of taking that device away, you’re afraid of the crying and little (or big) temper tantrum they’ll throw when you put your foot down.

If you’d have know that that simple device would constantly cause crazy volcanic eruptions from your little one, you would have gotten rid of it wayyy earlier. 
Is it possible to do long distance travel with kids without the stress, and whining? 

Are you ready to make memories that stick forever?

Are you frustrated with movie nights not helping you connect with your kids?
YOU Are The Key Raising Strong, Independent Children...
...But Watch Out For Time Robbers! 

Cooking, dishes, laundry, cleaning - and all the DRIVING! 

Shopping trips, sports, school events, friend visits... 

Plus, if you ever find yourself at home with the kiddos, soon they'll begging for a screen to be turned on and entertain them.


By the time the weekend comes around, you'd love to spend time with your little ones... 

...But again, there just hasn't been a moment to give serious thought to how you would like to MAKE MEMORIES.


So was I! 

I hated not knowing how to create an atmosphere where we could hang out together.

Instead, the TV or their tablets would often be my last resort :( - and grab our attention instead of helping us to actually be together.
But, thankfully, I've found an easy way to make memories together....
No more vegging in front of a screen...

After hours of searching, I've finally found a way to make meaningful family time easy...

And now I'm sharing my secret recipes with you!
What I Learned Living In A Bavarian Castle
How some WEIRD homeschoolers changed how we DO family.
When we had our first child we were living in the top floor of an old German castle in a tiny  Bavarian village. I remember dreaming about the day when my son would turn three and be in Kindergarten and I would FINALLY have the freedom to do the things I actually wanted to do.

I really felt like I was wasting my talents by staying at home. I felt like if I were doing  something "greater" than just being with my son, people would see me differently.

One day our little family was invited over by a large homeschooling family for a special dinner. Instantly, I saw that THIS FAMILY WAS DIFFERENT

They took PLEASURE in being together. 

They learned and worked together. I was SHOCKED at the joy that flowed out of this family.

The more I thought about them and how happy they were,  the more I longed to have what they had.

I wanted to be a family who loved to learn and be together.
Not one who was excited to get rid of each other. My heart changed and my husband and I decided to do family differently. 

We started to place a high value on  spending time together, reading together, and being CURIOUS about the world together.

But the problem was, I was often overwhelmed at where to start.

I'm a spontaneous person and it drove me crazy that I couldn't come up with something better than hanging out in front of Netflix on the fly. Then I would fall down the black hole of Pinterest, lose track of time and have nothing to show for it. 
Where in the world do these moms get the time and energy from to prepare elaborate family activities??

Over the years, and four kids later, I realized I needed something simple, quick, yet meaningful.

Something that was not just shallow fluff, but sparked DEEPER conversations with my kids. And that would give them both a great time, as well as a butt-load of rich experiences.
That’s what I thought years ago, when a movie ended for my then three year old and my sweet little angel boy turned on his demon voice and started screaming at me.
But I wasn’t sure how to make a long trip “doable” and yet still PEACEFUL for me without the help of electronics for kids. 

You felt like that too, right? 

  • ​Maybe you’ve given up because you’d rather focus your precious energy on NOT forgetting anything and planning your trip WITHOUT dealing with grumpy kid attitude 😩
  • Maybe you’re tired of trying to figure out yet ANOTHER solution to yet another problem 😴
After so many “solutions”, I almost gave up on even trying to amuse my kids without a screen.
Until one day, I was scouring the internet and found these really cool kid travel binders.
I had a breakthrough.

That particular trip, I printed off and created a very special travel binder for each of my kids.
And not just that trip, but now in our last handful of trips I’ve purposefully created things specifically for my kids to learn, grow and create even if they’re stuck in the car or the airplane.
People started asking me how our family travels SO MUCH and SO FAR, what tips do I have to travel with a bunch of kids peacefully?
So I decided to put together a bunch of the stuff that have been successfully keeping my kids quiet and content and helping other moms get similar results.

Imagine A Family Bonding Experience Right At Home Or On The Road...
...Without The Whining!
Finally, An All-In-One Secret Hack To Family Travel...
The Travel Happy Family Bundle

An All-In-One Adventure Toolkit that simplifies adventure planning for mom and BOOSTS creativity in kids.

Perfect for busy moms, and adventurous families who know the power of MEMORY making, and how experience creates a strong bond! 

Studies show THESE THREE THINGS set your kids up to become successful adults....
  • Intentional Time as a Family: This Harvard Study confirms that having frequent "back and forth" conversation could make children HAPPIER, HEALTHIER and WEALTHIER. A number of studies have supported the idea that children with stronger communication skills are more likely to have higher self-esteem, and overall life satisfaction.
  • Reading: Regularly reading fiction helps kids understand other people and show empathy.
  • Being in Nature: According to this study kids' experiences in nature promote academic learning, their development as persons, and environmental stewardship.
Are You Looking For A Shortcut To Easy Family Travel Fun Without Spending A Fortune And A Million Hours On Pinterest?

You’ll get everything you need to: 

  Avoid the past mistakes of “forgetting something”, so you can feel secure and at ease in your planning  
 Transform your kids’ travel adventure into a mindful and educational experience
 Cultivate the mind of your kiddos during a long trip
(kiss the “too much screen-time” guilt goodbye!)
 Simplify your family packing techniques so you can fit MORE in LESS. 

 Use over and over again for any trip and for as many children as you want.
 Hours and hours of activities and audiobooks so that you can enjoy complaint free travel with kids
(It IS possible!) 
Imagine A Family Adventure Where The Kids Are Excited To Get Back Into The Car...
...Without The Whining!

What's Included?

The Comic Book Creator

Kids will learn not only how to draw various characters, but also learn how to tell and develop their own stories.
Super educational, and amazingly fun!

50 Pages of templates, character builders, story lessons, and traceable comic words .

Value: $29

Mama's Ultimate Travel Planner (Binder Edition)

For every mama who loves checklists, planners, organizers and a beautiful trip overview.
Print these beauties out and have a complete overview of your trip in no time.

Quickly jot down where you want to visit, and what you want to pack. 

 Includes journaling pages so you can easily write down memories and experiences that you don't want to lose!
Value: $7

Story Starters - Fun On The Road

Kick-start a story together
Possibly the MOST fun you'll have together, each of these little "starters" have the potential to cause a ginormous amount of laughter and fun! 

Value: $7

Giant Activity Bundle

140+ Pages of games, mazes, coloring activities and creative drawing. Print out and create the MOST EPIC road trip activity binder and games EVER! 

Value: $15

Kingdom Builder - Design A Map

For all the junior cartographers out there!

 Let your kids step into the days of yore and create their own magical kingdom.

Encourages imagination, creativity and exploration. 

Value: $9

Wild Happy Moments

90 Conversation Starters so you can have peaceful meal time, waiting times, or travel time. Use these when you have any time that you need to bring some CALM to chaos, and hear  have some amazing conversations!

Value: $14

Wild Happy Family Read-Alouds
with Audiobook Companion

 Read-Alouds are great for camping, or while you're waiting matched up with the audiobook companion for those times you don’t feel like reading out loud.

Inside the collection you’ll get classics such as: Anne of Avonlea, Little Women, Oliver Twist, The Wouldbegoods, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and More!
These 12 books and 12 audio versions together have a

Value: $49

Little Bear Camping Mug
Massive Bundle of Radio Dramas
Have you ever had the experience of a radio drama?

You don't want to miss this... 

Hours and hours of amazing dramatized stories are a sure fire way to make a road trip go by FAST! 

You won't find this collection anywhere else! 
Eighteen dramatized versions in MP3 format including childhood favorites like: Wind in the Willows, Robin Hood, The Jungle Book, and the Wizard of Oz.

Value: $99
Pack Attack! 

A round up of super helpful packing videos that is sure to give you a jump start to packing for yourself and your family.  

Value: $5
Family Hiking Tips And Checklist 
Exclusive Interview PLUS Hiking Checklist

My friend Chamisa, owner of ZirkusDesign and I had a really great interview where she shared a whole bunch of AMAZING tips on going out hiking with a family.

PLUS because she is so creative AND generous, she created this beautiful hiking checklist and included it as another freebie. 

Thanks Chamisa! 

Value $9
Extra: Printable 2020 Watercolor Calendar
Tools To Make It Happen!

A beautiful, printable 2020 calendar so that you can easily look at and plan the rest of your year.

Value $5
This Bundle Won’t Be Around Forever !

This offer is a limited time offer, once the summer season is complete, say GOODBYE to this opportunity. 

Wild Happy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
You're not happy with it? No problem. Let's make you happy again!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What ages are the activities suitable for?

There are a range of activities suitable from around two or three until around 13. The audiobooks, and story starters included are great for every age.

Will anything be shipped?

No, this is a completely digital pack. Once you purchase you will be sent to sign up for a membership area where all of the resources are located. 

You will have lifetime access to all activities and books.

How long will I have access to the resources?

You will have lifetime access to all activities and books.

Are You Ready For An Unforgettable Family Adventure? 
Done-For-You Screen Free Travel "Entertainment"
...That Will Enhance Your Relationship, Boosts Creativity And Is Super FUN! 
Listen, you know how much work it is to travel with kids.

You know about the unexpected messes, the potty breaks, and the constant hunger! 
Stop letting planning a family trip plague you with stress because you’re trying to piece and pack everything together, then get distracted and forget something.

Don’t waste any more money on buying forgotten sunscreen, or beach toys.
Boost what you’re already doing by having a family trip clarity planner  and keep your kids amused for hours while on the road.

I have spent countless hours finding hidden gems of audiobooks that are super hard to find.
Because I have FIVE of my own kids and I know what it's like to spend literal days driving around (continental Europe in our case) I developed really fun activities, story starters and so your trip will be a delicious memory!
This is a completely unique toolkit you will find NOWHERE ELSE, and fun for your whole family. 
Yes, this is me cooking for my ravenous family of six in an abandoned something in Northern Spain.

Stop wasting your time on Pinterest and Etsy find the perfect "activities" for your kids that work in the car, in a hotel, on a plane, or simply on a rainy day at home. 

Instead, use that saved time planning the experience you've always dreamed of giving them!

I’ve spent that time doing it for you and making it easy peasy so that YOU ARE ALLOWED TO RELAX! 

If all this did was... 
give your kids a memory that you always wished you would have had, would it be worth it?
If all this did was...
 save you a couple hours of your time patching up different things to do on a drive, would it be worth it?
If all this did was...
give you a few more tools you can use over and over again to have a done-for-you fun and educational experience, would it be worth it?

Sincerely from this wild mama,
- Dani Goeppert

Here's A Recap Of 


When You Purchase The Travel Happy Family Bundle

  • ​The Comic Book Creator ($29 Value)
  • ​Mama's Ultimate Travel Planner ($9 Value)
  • Story Starters - Kick-start A Story Together ($9 Value)
  • ​The MOST EPIC Giant Activity Bundle ($15 Value)
  • ​Kingdom Builder - Design A Map ($11 Value)
  • Wild Happy Moments - Conversation Starters ($14 Value)
  • ​12 Classic Audiobooks! Plus Ebook collection ($49 Value)
  • ​​BONUS #1: Radio Drama Collection ($99 Value)
  • ​BONUS #2: Pack Attack - Curated Packing Hacks ($5 Value)
  • ​BONUS #3: Exclusive Interview and Hiking Checklist ($9 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Printable Calendar ($5 Value)
Total Value: $266‬
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